Commercial Photography

Why Images?

They say that an image is worth a thousand words and this fact is nowhere true but in the world of commercial photography. If a photograph can say thousand things to the viewer only by viewing it what is the use of scribbling words to explain what you want to communicate?
The use of photographs in the world of advertising, product promotion, magazines and many other commercial areas is always of greatest importance. A photographic image instantly lets the viewer know what the product is all about. When these photographs are accompanied by words, the total effect for the viewer and the organization grows by manifold.
In the world of fashion, the image of the models and their clothes has to be as detailed as far as possible so that the product reaches to consumers thoroughly.
Commercial photography has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for businesses and organizations and the rapid advances in the photography techniques which ensure that the images are as detailed as possible. A skilled commercial photographer bears great affinities with the painter in giving the image a life like look.

The World of Commercial Photography

As the name suggests commercial photography is nothing but a photographic job done for commercial uses. The basic aim behind commercial photography is to sell and promote the product for the client. Broadly, commercial photography is done for brochures, advertisements through magazines, menus of restaurants, or publications by companies.
Commercial photography is different compared to editorial photography, and retail photography, which have other purposes behind taking photographs. There are different categories in commercial photography such as magazine photography, architectural photography, Product and promotional photography, sport photography, building photography, and photography for advertising.

The photograph of a car or an item the business deals with is taken mainly for selling it and so it has to be attractive and eye catching for the viewers. In sports photography, for example the photographer has to take aerial photographs so that they seem stunning.
Architectural photography is another important aspect of commercial photography. In architectural photography an architect, a builder or a real estate professional needs photographs of their site so that they can show it to their clients. It is well to keep in mind that though commercial photography is done for commercial purposes the element of art is never absent in it. The element of art is best seen in the photographs of food menus seen in cookery magazines.

In the world of commercial photography, there is the most glamorous world of fashion photography, which is always the subject of gossip for people. Fashion photography appears on billboards, fashion magazines, television and other such places.
Commercial photography is not one man’s job and may involve people like the art director, photographic assistants, account executive and many other people. Commercial photography is thus a collaborative endeavor. Commercial photography is known as one of the profitable business among the other types of photography and most of the editorial and fine art photographers have worked in commercial photography.
Commercial photography thus blends art and business together and offers photographic solutions to commercial enterprises.

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